Press Release: Passages International Introduces New 2021 Catalog

2021 Catalog Cover

Albuquerque, NM – Passages International, Inc. has released their new 2021 product catalog. The catalog was created to be used as a tool for funeral homes to present eco-friendly urns and caskets to their non-traditional families, and it features several new urns and caskets.

The new digital “flip” format can be shared with families for them to review in the comfort of their homes or on their own devices. Printed copies are discouraged, but available upon request or can be printed in the funeral home.

The organization of the catalog follows the product decision-making process that a family would go through when arranging a funeral. Beginning, for example, with the selection of a casket or shroud for cremation or natural burial, followed by a presentation of urns organized by usage, and then to memorial pieces and jewelry. The catalog does not include pricing or funeral industry jargon.

The new modular layout allows funeral homes to customize the catalog presentation for their specific needs. For example, a funeral home on the coast that performs a high number of water memorials may want a specific module that features biodegradable urns suitable for placement in water. Or a funeral home that wants to focus on natural burial can use only the Natural and Green Burial module, which includes shrouds and wicker caskets.

“As the leading supplier of green funeral products, our customers expect that our carbon footprint is kept to a minimum,” says Darren Crouch, President of Passages International, Inc. “It is to that end that we are upgrading our systems and processes to reduce or completely eliminate paper usage. The flip catalog and our new ERP system enable us to take a significant step in the right direction while remaining on the cutting edge.”

Passages International, Inc. has led the green sector of the funeral industry for 20 years, with the largest selection of innovative, environmentally-friendly urns, caskets, and memorial products. For more information on green funerals and their benefits visit For more information on Passages products or Fair Trade visit

Contact: Anais Duenas, Marketing Coordinator

Passages International, Inc.

(505) 830-2500

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