Passages International Announces Partnership with Southwest Cargo to Better Serve Funeral Homes, Families


To expedite the shipment of caskets to funeral homes, Passages International announces today that it has formed a partnership with Southwest Cargo. This partnership will enable Passages to ship our environmentally-friendly caskets to any continental U.S. destination serviced by Southwest Airlines within 24 hours, often the same day, for under $300. 

While Passages offers free standard LCL freight delivery on caskets, this partnership with Southwest Cargo cuts the transit time from five to seven days down to 24 hours. This will vastly increase Passages’ capacity to help funeral homes meet urgent needs from client families for the funeral of a loved one.

Pricing includes all charges to the destination airport where the funeral home must receive the casket. In keeping with Passages’ focus on green practices, caskets will ship on a custom-made reclaimed wood pallet. 

“We are thrilled to make this service available to our funeral home customers,” said Passages President Darren Crouch. “As you know, funerals are time-sensitive and we often need to deliver caskets within 24-48 hours. This partnership enables that.”

Passages offers a complete line of environmentally-friendly caskets, from our Seagrass and Wicker caskets to our new Four-Point Bamboo Casket

The Fair Trade designation of all our caskets assures families that their purchase helps us provide job opportunities and education in economically depressed areas, use only sustainable and renewable resources, and offer health benefits and education to the staff that weaves the caskets.

Contact Anais Duenas at for more information about this partnership.

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