Where and How to Scatter

Scatter your loved ones ashes in a meaningful location, whether scattered at sea, atop a mountain peak, or anywhere special, our memorials let you mark the spot and share it with loved ones. Browse our selection to find the perfect option to accompany your online memorial.

Scattering Tubes for Ashes

Scattering Tubes offer an affordable, simple and custom designed way to scatter your loved one's ashes. Available in over 20 designs and 6 sizes, you can find the perfect tube design to honor and celebrate their memory. Made from recycled paper, Scattering Tubes contain no metal or plastic components and are therefore environmentally friendly. They are easy to open with a simple push-in tab that allows you to pour the ashes out of the tube. They can then be recycled after the ceremony, or buried where they will naturally biodegrade over time.


Water Biodegradable Urns

Water biodegradable urns provide a beautiful and eco-friendly way to lay your loved one to rest at sea. Made from natural materials like recycled or handmade paper, Himalayan rock salt or partially-fired clay, these urns float briefly on the water's surface and allow for a meaningful goodbye ceremony. They then gracefully sink and biodegrade naturally, releasing your loved one's ashes back into the ocean, lake or river. This option is perfect for those who are environmentally conscious and desire a peaceful water burial for their loved one. Also, since the entire urn is placed into the water, it is a very dignified water to scatter in water.

Earth Biodegradable Urns

Earth biodegradable urns offer a natural and eco-friendly way to commemorate your loved one. Crafted from materials like compostable cornstarch, bamboo, repurposed timber or handmade paper, these urns break down safely in the earth, returning your loved one's ashes to the earth. Many can be kept permanently at home or interred at a cemetery, others can be used for biodegradable burial where the entire urn is placed into the earth and will break down naturally over time/ Some open easily and can be scattering from, in a cherished natural setting, or kept as a beautiful keepsake.


Already Scattered? Mark the Spot

Mark the spot where you’ve scattered your loved ones ashes by purchasing a pin!