Celebrate and remember a life well lived in a place they loved.

Etern.Life Online Memorial GeoTag Map

Creating Lasting Memorials Online

We created the Etern.Life Memorial Map so that you can create a permanent online memorial for a loved one and mark the final resting place of their cremated remains, no matter where they were laid to rest.

Whether you scatter their cremated remains at sea, on a mountaintop, or anywhere that holds meaning, you now have the ability to Geo-locate their final resting place. If you purchased an urn from Passages International, which includes the ability to mark the spot and create an online memorial for no additional charge. Or if you have already scattered and now want to make the location and create a digital memorial, you will be able to create your unique memorial page here. Once completed you can share it with friends and family, and in addition see where and how other families have chosen to scatter the remains of their loved ones and celebrate their life.


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Where do you want to be remembered?

Etern.life creates a digital community for families and friends who choose to scatter the cremated remains of a loved one, in the same way that cemeteries provide a physical sense of community those that are buried there and their families.

Many families today choose to scatter cremated remains in personal and meaningful locations, such as the ocean where they surfed, on a mountain hike where they walked the dogs, or in a family garden. Etern.Life gives these families a way to mark the exact final resting place of their loved one's ashes, pin it on the Memorial Map above, and create a personal online memorial page.

Planning to Scatter?

Puchase a Biodegradable Urn or Scattering Tube from Passages International which includes a unique GeoTag code to create a Memorial and add a Pin to our Memorial Map, free of charge. The code will be beneath the barcode affixed to the urn itself, on a tag attached to the urn or on the box it came with, and begins in "GEO-“.

Geotag a Final Resting Place for a Permanent Memorial