About Our GeoTag Memorial Map

Having seen that grieving families increasingly intend to scatter the cremated remains of a loved one, we realized that when someone is scattered it is often difficult to know exactly where they were scattered and how to return to that location. Think of a cemetery; you can walk to a grave and see who is buried there, spend time and pay respects. With scattering this was often difficult.

Welcome to Etern.Life, where we believe in the timeless power of memories. Our innovative platform allows you to honor and celebrate the lives of your loved ones through exactly locating where they were scattered and creating an online memorial. With Etern.Life you can place a pin on our interactive map to mark where you're loved one rests, thereby registering the scattering and preserving their digital legacy for generations to come.

Join our community to share their story, including who they were, where and how you celebrated their life, including the unique experiences you created to honor them in a meaningful and lasting way.

Where Do You Want to Be Remembered?

Use this system to mark the exact location (within a few feet) of where the cremated remains/urn are laid to rest. You can then upload a photograph and create a personal online memorial on our Memorial Map that can be viewed by friends and family.

Scattering Tubes and Biodegradable Urns from Passages International include a unique code that you can use to digitally mark the final resting place of your loved one and create a memorial on the Memorial Map.

How the Memorial GeoTag Map Works:

Use the instructions to the right or watch this video to set up your unique GeoTag Memorial on our Memorial Map:

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    Step Two: Locate the GEO-code on the urn tag, the product itself, or its packaging. Keep this GEO-code number for later use.

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    Step Three: Scatter your loved one's ashes on earth or in the sea, or bury your biodegradable urn. Take note of the location.

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    Step Four: Visit the Memorial Map at etern.life to GeoTag the location that you scattered the ashes and create your memorial.

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    Step Five: Share your GeoTag Memorial Page with friends and family, so they too can remember your loved one and celebrate their life where they now rest or online.