We created the Etern.Life Memorial Map to let you create a permanent online memorial for a loved one, marking the final resting place of their cremated remains no matter where they were laid to rest.

Whether you scatter their remains at sea, on a mountaintop, or anywhere that holds meaning, your urn from Passages International includes a unique code to let you GeoTag the exact location of the final resting place. You will be able to create your unique memorial page here, share it with friends and family, and see where other families have chosen to scatter remains of their loved ones.

Loading... aims to create a community of families and friends who chose to scatter the cremated remains of a loved one, in the same way that traditional cemeteries provide a community space for traditional funeral families.

Many families today choose to scatter cremains in personal and meaningful locations, such as the ocean, on a mountain hike, or in a family garden. Etern.Life gives these families a way to mark the exact final resting place of their loved one's ashes, pin it on the Memorial Map above, and create a personal online memorial page.