Earth Day 2021: Restoring Our Forests One Tree At A Time with Biotree


It’s no secret that climate and environmental damage have taken a turn for the worst in the last 10 years. Experts are saying it’s now too late to rely on preventative measures, as our environment is being damaged faster than it can fix itself. Instead of relying on prevention, the time has come to focus our efforts on restoration. As we learn more about the ways in which we affect the Earth, and more importantly the ways in which we can include sustainable practices in our everyday lives, it’s important to offer products and solutions that keep the goal of restoration in mind. 

Companies can help not only by minimizing their carbon footprint but also by creating and using products that help to restore the Earth. It is the time for innovation, for new ideas that are practical and sustainable while bringing the same level of value to the end-user.

The Biotree Urn by Passages was made with restoration in mind. Traditional funeral practices such as embalming and traditional burials are resource-intensive and have a substantial impact on the environment. The Biotree Urn, on the other hand, provides families with a living, lasting memorial experience while giving back to the Earth. The Biotree Urn is engineered to grow a tree with cremated remains as a permanent memorial and celebration of a loved one’s life. The opportunity to “be a tree” afterlife is incredibly special and attractive to families. The Biotree Urn includes a unique Geotag system, allowing families to mark their planting/burial location on a map and create a memorial to their loved one.

Deforestation plays a major role in the extinction of many plant and animal species. The practice is also much to blame for the influx of greenhouse gasses that have exacerbated the climate crisis. Trees are essential for naturally removing greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere and providing the environment we all live in with clean air to breathe. As forests around the world are destroyed for industrial purposes, it’s crucial for us to lead efforts in the fight against the destruction of the natural world. Businesses in particular have a responsibility to take strides in favor of environmental improvement, as their practices are largely to blame for its detriment and their decisions dictate what is available to the public consumer.

Passages International makes sustainable choices from start to finish: from manufacture through sale and use. Products such as the Biotree Urn actively work against anti-Earth practices such as deforestation. The mission of the Biotree Urn is to shift our traditions away from cemeteries, towards reforestation. If we begin to restore forests around the world, we can work to eliminate greenhouse gases one tree at a time.

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